Freedom Connection

Founder, Tammy L. Bunk, BCACLC

Tammy is a woman with a passion for people to live in freedom. She has first-hand understanding of God’s heart and plan for all people to live the abundant life that only comes through relationship with Jesus Christ, as promised in John 10:10. She knows that even abundant life is not without pain, trials or challenges. However, it is a life of experiencing His powerful love and freedom that result in integrity of character. That freedom leads us to make wise choices that result in fully engaging and participating in an intimate relationship with God. And when we are in relationship with Him, then He shows us how to develop healthy relationships with others.

Freedom is not only Tammy’s experience and passion, but is a calling on her life. Because of that calling, she extends help and encouragement to others on their journey through life. In 2011 she founded Freedom Connection, a ministry that draws alongside women to help them break free from addiction as well as helping all women to learn to live in the freedom Christ has provided for us.

Her ministry web site includes resources that help equip other Christians to not only live in freedom but also to help their loved ones who are living in addiction. Her regular blog posts give specific direction and encouragement for gaining and maintaining a life of freedom.

Tammy holds a degree in theology and is a licensed minister. She is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (BCACLC).

God has equipped Tammy with the ability to teach and encourage. She frequently speaks at seminars and for those with addictions or who have family members living in addiction, seminars designed to train leaders in how to deal with addiction in their congregation, and youth conferences aimed at teaching teenagers how to live a life of purity. One of Tammy’s greatest joys is teaching on the topic of “living free”. What does that look like? How do we get there? How do we maintain our freedom?

For many years, Tammy worked in the engineering corporate world. She has also owned her own web design business. She understands the challenges that we can face as we serve the Lord in market-place situations.

Tammy loves to laughs. She knows the healing that can come through joy, laughter, and honest and heartfelt communication. She has a heart for worship and for studying and applying the word of God to the everyday situations of life. Her wisdom helps others to grow in the freedom that comes from knowing God’s truth that leads us to a fully satisfying life in Him.

Tammy resides in Plano, Texas.

Tammy's Testimony of Freedom

Tammy's personal story of freedom from addiction and despair.