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Age-Appropriate Equipping


Feb 12


I love the ministry of pureHOPE!  They are a partnering ministry of Freedom Connection.  I join with them in their vision for “a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness”.  We know that is not about to happen this side of eternity, but it is a vision to reach for and to work toward.  It takes all of us partnering together and working toward that vision.  pureHOPE recently posted an excellent article on “Age-Appropriate Equipping” for parents.  I received permission from them to repost this very informative article.  I encourage you to check out their website and their blog site They are a valuable resource for a lifestyle of purity and justice.

This was posted on the pureHOPE blog on February 17, 2012:

(click on the pureHOPE document and it will enlarge for viewing)

At the heart of our purePARENTING message is the idea that parents need to equip–not just protect–their kids as they grow up in a sexualized culture.  Even before they leave the house to start life on their own, our kids are interacting with the culture outside of our presence–at school, on the bus, at practice, in friends’ homes, etc.  That’s when it becomes necessary that they have been equipped to understand God’s will for them (Ephesians 5:17), to understand the lies they are exposed to (2 Corinthians 2:11), and to think and act purely in a God-honoring way (Psalm 119:9).  They need to be established in a life of prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement.

This equipping begins early (earlier than most parents realize), and should continue in age-appropriate ways.  We’ve produced a brief document to assist parents in cultivating purity of heart and mind in their kids, whether their child is just learning to walk, or ready to walk through a graduation ceremony.  These talking points and ideas will get you started in preparing your kids to pursue God’s purposes for their lives.

For more on equipping your kids to pursue holiness, purity, and sanctification as sexual beings bearing the image of God, check out Jim Burns’ book Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Approach to Prepare Them for Life, which offers more insight, talking points, strategies, and conversation starters for equipping your kids in today’s culture.

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    These look like great resources. I’ll see how I can share them further. Bless you, friend!

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