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Changing “Clothes”


Jan 14


Woman by ClosetDoes what you are wearing matter to God?  Absolutely!  I don’t mean whether you are wearing jeans and a jacket or dress pants with a matching shirt.  What I do mean, is that it matters to God what you are wearing on the inside – within your heart.

These inner garments are far different than our outer garments.  To put on proper outer attire, we must have the clothing within our closet.  When we consider our inner attire (that of the heart) we can take what we might already have and exchange it for what God has available for us.  I don’t know about you, but for me, that is GREAT news!

[tweet_dis]Our God is a God of “exchanges”[/tweet_dis].  Let’s look at what God has available for us in His “closet”.

These are just a few of the many exchanges we find throughout God’s Word, the Bible.

God loves exchanges!  He welcomes us into His “closet” to find what we need.

However, keep in mind that God is not a Santa Clause who is impersonal and distant.  He is not only a giver of these precious garments we find in His closet;  He desires relationship with you.  Moment by moment, close, personal relationship.  It is out of relationship you will learn to rely on God’s garments rather than what you have in your own closet.

He is inviting you into relationship today, He is inviting you into His “closet” to receive all that He has for you – all that you need.

Call out to Him, invite Him into your life and into each circumstance, and then trust Him. God will not fail you when you call upon Him.  However, He will never violate your will.  He waits for you to ask.

What are you wearing?  Do you need new “clothes” today?  Call upon Him.  He will answer you.

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