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Discover Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching can be described in one word: results!

We are all familiar with what coaching means when it comes to sports. We see them as someone who comes alongside to provide insights, perspectives, accountability and encouragement. A coach helps with setting goals and achieving them. It is much the same with Life Coaching.

How Coaching Can Help You!

As your coach, I will come along side you to help you discover, determine and achieve your goals. I will bring new perspectives and insights to empower your journey. I will help you to stay on course, and encourage you when the road gets challenging. Let’s face it, life is not easy. Yes, life is wonderful and God is good, however, this does not mean that the journey will be without challenges. There are things to overcome, persevere and endure until the other side is reached. You do not need to face these alone or without guidance.

I am trained to be able to ask you the tough questions. I will help you see beyond your own perspective in order to find the success you desire in life. If this sounds like a miracle “quick fix,” it is not. It is quite the contrary. In fact, if you are looking for the “quick fix,” then life coaching is not your answer. If you are looking to grow, change, make the tough choices and do the hard work that will help you move forward and past those “stuck places” in your life, then, and only then, can coaching help you.

• Building spiritual foundations (Biblically based)
• Getting beyond habitual sin and addictions
• Finding solutions to relationship challenges
• Setting and achieving goals
• Discovering your identity

I am excited about what I do! Helping people see with new lenses and move forward with their new discoveries is my passion. Being limited by a lack of knowledge, old habits, relationship difficulties, or just plain stuck in unsuccessful patterns is like being weighted down and chained to your failures. I want to see you toss those weights aside, become unchained and live free! More importantly, God wants to see you live free!