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Jun 12


Real TimeI have experienced God’s creative ability in many facets of my life.  Often we face challenges in life where traditional answers are not adequate.  God is not limited by traditions or philosophies of man.  Man’s solutions don’t bring the most effective resolution to the challenges we face.  God is eternal and knows all things – it is He who can bring real solutions to the real questions and challenges of life.

God will pour His wisdom and creativity into us as we seek Him for our personal lives, even into realms such as the pursuit of purity.  One of the areas I have seen God’s creativity in a very personal way is on my journey from sex addiction to freedom. 

As in my previous articles about creativity, we see the beauty of God’s creativity.  Because He alone is without evil, He is completely pure. He knows what it takes for us to be pure and holy like Him, so He can give us the wisdom, the understanding, and the ability to pursue a lifestyle of purity.

I often ask God for His wisdom and creativity in my life; that He would give me wise solutions, show me creative ways to avoid and/or escape temptation, and to give me His ways and ability to accomplish work and ministry. 

The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:13 (NASB) “No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.”   In every temptation we face, the Lord will provide a way of escape.  Ask God to give you the ability to see the escape routes! 

Even far better than escaping temptation is to plan ahead so that you can avoid temptation.  For instance, if you struggle with the temptation of drunkenness, avoid the circumstances which would typically cause you to be tempted; stay away from places where you know alcohol is readily available and stay away from people who will encourage you to drink.  If you are a sex addict, as I was, try to avoid the people, places and situations that you know tempt you and pull you in the direction that will lead to temptation.  You can minimize the temptation and strengthen your resolve to stay free.

There will be situations that catch you by surprise and quickly become complicated.  In those cases, there may not be an easily recognizable answer in front of you.  However, knowing God is with you, quickly and immediately ask Him for wisdom.  He promises to give it to His children in abundance (James 1:5) when we ask in faith.  Also, ask Him to give you strength to resist, and to give you an immediate way of escape.  He gives good gifts to His children (James 1:17).  He will answer prayers requesting His creativity in our lives when we desire His solutions to life’s circumstances. 

Whether you need to find resolution to a conflict, a way to escape temptation, or a new direction for a present circumstance, ask God for His creative answers for whatever you are facing.  In fact, form the habit of continually asking Him for wisdom and His creative guidance on a daily and even a moment-by-moment basis.  If you live in a continual flow of His wisdom and guidance, you will avoid many temptations.

When we experience the blessings of God’s solutions to the challenges of life, we will, at the same time, experience His powerful presence with us in those challenges.  He is Wisdom.  He becomes the solutions to our problems.  He is the answer.

Do you need answers in your life today?  Look to God who truly is the answer for all you need.  All you need is in Him.  Things, jobs, and all the “stuff” that surrounds you – they will eventually fail you.  God is the solid rock on whom you can put your trust! 

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