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Dancing With Him


Jul 11


Have you ever thought about dancing with the God of all creation?  Seriously.  Do you know that God loves to dance?  Yes, the God who created the heavens and the earth, who created you and me, wants to dance with us… He wants to dance with you.  The invitation is open.

So, how does God, I mean we are talking GOD… how and why would HE dance?  With us of all things?  Waltz? Tango?  Interesting questions to ponder.  Questions I have given thought to many times in my life.  So why would I be thinking about the GOD OF ALL dancing?

The origination of this thought for me goes back many years to a time when I was seeking to know God in a more intimate way in my life.  I wanted to know God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit in a new way.  I was alone in my apartment one day, I had read the Bible then put it aside; I had been talking to God and then was quiet when I heard a voice inside my spirit—not an audible voice, yet it was clear to my understanding—that said, “Dance with Me.”  I knew it was Him.  At the time I had soft music playing in the background, so with nobody around I dared to get up and slowly move around the room to the sway of the music as I thought of dancing with Him. The words He spoke were so intimate, I could hardly breathe. I knew the invitation to dance with Him was so much more than the movement of my feet through the living room… it was an invitation to a way of life with Him.

The movement of a dance is a flow together as He leads.  In its refined state it is graceful and beautiful—but it isn’t always that way.  Can you picture a little girl learning to dance, stepping on her daddy’s shoes as he does all the work?  Most of us smile as we see that picture in our mind’s eye, but that is how our Father God is with us—willing to teach us, patient with us as we learn to dance with Him through life.

There have been times in my life when I did not accept the invitation, when I did not even hear the invitation due to the noise that was crowding my mind.  The noise of sin and addiction, the noise of selfishness and my fears… it was deafening.  Those were the times I fell down on the dance floor in a heap.  But He reached out a hand, I took it, got up, and we danced again.

There have been other times in my life when things have gotten out of perspective, but each time I again hear His clear voice with the same intimate words, “Dance with Me.”

The God of all creation is a God who knows us intimately and loves us deeply.  He desires to dance with us through life.  Will you accept His invitation to dance?

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