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Does Your Marriage Have A Mission Statement?


Mar 12


I believe in the importance of a mission statement.  A mission statement not only for business and/or ministry, but for one’s personal life as well.  Writing a mission statement takes some evaluation concerning what your life is all about.  What is important to you?  What is God saying to you about your life’s purpose?  What do you want to accomplish? Having these thoughts in written form helps one to keep focused on where they are going.  It is like having a map in front of you of where you are heading.

We all have times where the direction we are headed seems a little foggy.  When we have our mission in written form, we can refer back to it as a guiding map.  It can bring clarity to decisions we must make as we look at unique opportunities that may open up before us.

I have read a great deal about misison statements over the years, but I recently read a blog post that brought about a new idea concerning a mission statement. It is a blog post on Michael Hyatt’s website about the importance of having a mission statement in your marriage.  It is a guest post by Dr. Ann, .  I encourage you to go to Michael Hyatt’s website and read this great blog post on having a mission statement in your marriage.  I also encourage you to follow-up by reading the comments that have been posted to this article.  Some of the comments have as much value as the article itself.  If you are married, or hope to be at some time in the future, this is a great reference.

Does Your Marriage Have A Mission Statement?

Click HERE to read the blog post by Dr. Ann.


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