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Expert Interview! Part 2


Nov 11


This interview is the second of a four part series with our special guest Larry Colclasure MS, LPC, CSAT, AACC who is the Founder and Clinical Director of Haven Counseling in Dallas.  Larry is an expert in the field of sex and pornography addiction and compulsivity and is a leader among the country’s foremost authorities.

This interview is very informative for those who are struggling in the area of sex and pornography addiction, for those who may know someone who is struggling, and also for those who want to be informed as to our current culture and how it relates to these issues.

Throughout this four part interview, Larry answers many questions about sex and pornography addiction.  In this 2nd segment Larry addresses the following topics:

    • Couples viewing pornography together
    • What to do if I need help but I cannot afford a therapist?
    • What about treatment of behaviors like S & M, child pornography, bestiality, etc.?
    • Sexual fantasies
    • Period of sexual abstinence during recovery (married or single)
    • What are some differences between sex addiction and other addictions?

This is the second in a four part series.

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