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Freedom Keys Series – A Set of Keys

A Set of Keys


Sep 12


Take a close look at this picture of keys.  What do you see?  There are many keys, all shapes, sizes and colors; there is an identification tag, and also, a key ring that holds them all together.  As I have contemplated the keys of freedom from addiction compared to the keys on this set of keys, the similarities are many.

Set of Keys

I have lived for 8 years in freedom from sex and porn addiction.  And for two years, I have spoken and written about the many aspects of finding and remaining in freedom.  I think it is worth looking back at some of the major points that have made my journey to freedom and my remaining in freedom successful.

When I call this journey successful, it was and it is successful – but it has not been without challenge.  It never is. Through it all, the journey of recovery and freedom has been well, well worth the struggle and perseverance!! 

There is deep gratitude in my heart to the Lord for His redemption of my life.  And I am very thankful to those who faithfully pray for me and walk with me on my journey.   

There is always more to learn and ways to grow.  I am in that school daily, and for the rest of my life, I will continue to grow in applying the principles I have learned.

In looking at the set of keys above, the uniqueness of the keys is obvious.  They are similar, yet different.  Each has its own distinct shape and color; each has an individual and unique purpose.  Yet they are similar in their look and function.  Each key opens a matching lock. 

This particular set of keys has an identification tag that gives opportunity to identify the owner.  How we identify ourselves is a very significant part of the journey to freedom. 

The reason for numerous keys is that we each have various locks.  If the owner of this set of keys only had one of the keys, their access would be extremely limited.  They may be able to start their car and drive, but they could not get in their home, open their suitcase, open their filing cabinet, get in their gate, open a desk drawer, or enter their office.  Hmmm… one key does some good!  It opens one lock; it is useful for that purpose.  However it takes an entire set of keys to have complete access to all that is necessary in order to function effectively in day-to-day activities.  A strong key ring (strong foundation) is necessary to hold the keys together so they are available when we need them and so the individual keys do not get lost.  The keys need a base, a connection point.  We need the entire set if we are to be fully effective.

The same is true for the concept of a set of keys being necessary for freedom from addiction.  Each single key has value on its own.  Each key is important and opens a specific lock.  Losing even just one key, limits our progress and our access to total freedom.  Yet, to have an effective process of recovery working in one’s life and the best possible opportunity for success, an entire set of keys is needed.

Look closer at the picture.  What holds everything together?  The key ring!  My favorite part of this picture!  The sturdy, secure key ring holds each key in place.  It is the strength, the foundation, the place where all keys are connected.  The keys, separately, are limited to their specific individual purpose.  God is the One who holds all things together.  He is the key ring.  The keys may function temporarily on their own, but there are no long lasting effects if they are not tied together with other Truths of God’s Word.  Every key must be tied to the foundation of His Word.  The Bible tells us in John 8:32 “that the truth will set you free” (NASB).  Knowing and experiencing the truth of God and His principles will set you free.  Every key is truly effective when it comes together with His truth, His wisdom, His creativity, His strength and His love.

What about the identification tag?  I find that very interesting on this key ring.  Our identity, who we are, and who we think we are, is essential to helping you find and remain on the road to freedom.  If we label ourselves as shameful, damaged people, we will continue to act as though we are.  An understanding that we can be forgiven, healed, and whole through Jesus Christ is imperative. We must know and truly understand that we are deeply loved by God, who created us.  We must come to assurance that we are precious and valuable to Him and to His work on this earth.  This is our new identity. 

Jesus gave up His life so we all might find life and wholeness in Him.  It goes back to the foundational teaching of the Bible in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” (NASB)

This revelation of your eternal value may be difficult for most addicts, as well as all abused and hurting people to truly grasp.  It may take some time to realize the fullness of this truth, but it is life-changing.

Proper identification of who we are, and our incomprehensible value, is not optional as we seek freedom and desire to remain in freedom.  We must know and accept our true God-given value and identity.  This can only come through relationship with Him.  Worldly understanding and theories only give us temporary access at best to freedom.  Only this truth has the power to bring us to complete, total freedom.

The following is a preview of some of the keys (principles) we will be looking at in the next few blog posts:

  • A lifestyle of honesty
  • A willing heart
  • A personal relationship with God
  • Healthy relationships with people
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Perseverance
  • Accountability
  • Boundaries
  • Pursuit of purity
  • Your thought life

I will never look at a set of keys the same again.  They will always be a reminder of the powerful principles of God, which lead us from the pit of our destruction to a life of freedom in Jesus Christ.

In the coming weeks, I will share some of the specific keys that I have found to be invaluable in my journey out of addiction and into sustained freedom.

What are some of the keys on your key ring that you have found important?  I would love to hear!



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