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Freedom Keys Series – A Willing Heart


Oct 12


Key on a key ringAre you willing to be free?  Another key to freedom is willingness.  From personal experience I know that one can be very miserable and desperate in their addiction, but not yet willing to do what is necessary to gain freedom.

The key of willingness or a willing heart will open the door to move forward.  You can know other keys and read about them, and in your mind you may give mental accent to their truth.  But until you engage the key of willingness, there will not be forward movement toward freedom.

Let me share with you a story from my life when I was still in the depths of addiction that was very significant in my recovery.  I was asked this question by my therapist, “Are you willing to be free?”  I thought for a moment, and responded “no”.  Plain and simple.  (There was such a love-hate relationship with my addiction and truly I did not know how I could exist without it.)  My therapist’s response took me by surprise and was life-changing for me.  He then asked me, “Are you willing to be willing?”  And I said “yes!”  He asked me if I would pray as often as I remembered for God to take my little bit of willingness and give me a completely willing heart.  I did askGod did answer.

The change was not immediate; however, it was a necessary key in unlocking the door to freedom in my heart and my life.  I was then able to move forward, and I saw gradual improvements in my recovery process.  I attribute that progress to those prayers I prayed for a willing heart.  Not only was  the actual prayer important, but the fact that I was opening the door of communication and talking with God was also very significant.

Action Step:  Honestly examine yourself.  Do you have a willing heart?  Will you answer the same question that my therapist asked of me so long ago, “Are you willing to be willing?”  If you lack willingness in your heart, pray as often as you remember and ask God to give you a willing heart.  

Scripture:  1 Chronicles 29:5 “Now, who is willing to consecrate (dedicate) himself today to the Lord?” (NIV)

A Prayer:  Dear God, I want a willing heart, but I know I am not there yet.  So I ask you to take my little bit of willingness, and help it to grow into a willing heart that will lead me into freedom.  I thank you for hearing me and accepting me right where I am.  Thank you for helping me to grow from here.  From the depths of me, beneath all of the addiction and shame, I want You and I desire Your ways.  Thank you for helping me.  I am grateful that You want me to be free and to live a life of peace.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

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