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Giving Up – In A Good Way!


Jan 14


Are you tired of trying to keep all balls up in the air at the same time?  Have you decided that juggling is NOT your talent in life?  You desperately want to keep it all going; you don’t want it to be said of you that you failed. But most of all, you simply don’t want to give up control.

Somehow the human element in each of us likes to be in control.  But when we are in control, there is chaos, discontent and failure.  When God is in control of our lives, He brings order and freedom.

He desires for us to give our lives completely to Him and allow Him to truly be Lord of our lives.

Have you considered what it means when we call Jesus our “Lord”?  We are addressing Him as the authority in our lives.

Surrender (giving up – in a good way!) is a decision we make more than just once.  It needs to be repeated often.  This is due to the fact that in our humanness we take back the area we once surrendered.   Most often that process isn’t a sudden grabbing hold and forcibly taking  back what we have previously given over, but is a gradual return  to our controlling  an area we had given over to the Lord.

Other times we find we have reserved something in our hearts that we had not given over to Him.  I think of it in these terms: the word “all” seems to grow as we walk with God.  We give to God our “all” as we see it at the moment.  Then as God works in our lives and shows us new areas that we need to give over to Him, the word “all” seems to become larger and more inclusive.  So we become aware of new areas to surrender to the Lord.

We sometimes are so bold as to put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign in rooms of our heart.  That must grieve the heart of God as He desires to come in to our hearts fully and bring His love and healing into those rooms of our hearts.

[tweet_dis]Is surrender to God a onetime event?[/tweet_dis] No.  Surrender is a daily event, even more than that, it occurs moment by moment, as we surrender to Him each thought that enters our minds, each temptation that comes our way, each choice that comes before us.

Each thought and action of our lives provides us with an opportunity to surrender.    We can choose to surrender to old engrained patterns of behavior, the addiction, or we can we can choose surrender to a new and pure way of living, to God’s way.

Depending on where you are in your life surrendering and making these right choices in our life may not be as simple as these words make it sound.  If you are at the beginning stages of addiction, it may be quite straightforward, and you are able to quite easily make right choices to get you back on track in life.  If you are already walking in freedom, this reminder to surrender to God in your choices may just reinforce the good choices you are already making.  If you are walking in the really tough stuff right now, in the midst of addiction, this may be the darkest time of your life.   No matter how dark and hopeless it may look right now, realize freedom can happen for you, there is hope…  begin right here at surrender.

Change must start with surrender.  You cannot fight the addiction (or any bondage in your life) in your own strength.  This realization is critical in recovery, but it is not the only step in recovery.  However, do not dismiss the importance of surrendering your life, and your moment by moment decisions to Jesus.   Recovery has got to start here, surrendering your self will, to God’s way.

I encourage you to choose surrender to our loving Father God who welcomes you with open arms.  He does not condemn you; He does not shame you.  He welcomes you.

 Jesus told a story to demonstrate the love of Father God.  It is recorded it the Bible in Luke chapter 15.  In the story, the Father had two sons. The younger son took his inheritance,   left home and squandered his wealth with wild living.  He eventually had nothing left and was starving.   He decided to return home, and ask forgiveness from his father (who represents Father God).  He hoped his father would allow him to be one of his hired men.  At least he would no longer be starving.  To the son’s great surprise, while he was a long way off, his Father saw him, was filled with compassion, ran to his son, threw his arms around him, and kissed him.  The son said, “I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.” And here is the Father’s response in verse 22-24 “Quick!  Bring the best robe and put it on him.  Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet.  Bring the fattened calf and kill it.  Let’s have a feast and celebrate.  For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”  So they began to celebrate.” (Luke 15:22-24, New International Version)

This story expresses   the heart of God the Father for us.  He loves us and celebrates us.  [tweet_dis]He wants us to bring the broken places of our lives to Him[/tweet_dis].  He wants us to quit trying to make everything look right on the outside, quit attempting  to keep juggling all the balls in the air, and just give up – in a good way!  Surrender to Him today.  Take some time right now to put your life in His hands.  Ask Him to teach you to how to do life His way.

Remember, surrendering is not a one-time event… it is a moment by moment choosing His will, not our own self will.  When these moments arise in your life, ask Him for the strength to make the right choices.

Click the arrow on the audio player to hear a song that I have always loved about Father God’s heart toward us when we come home to Him.  It’s an oldie by Benny Hester “When God Ran”…

(this article was originally posted Sept. 2010)

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