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God Turned “Mess” Into A Message


Apr 12


I recently read this interview with Wayne C. whose life has been transformed by God.  In his words, God “pulled me out of my mess and He turned it into a message.”  That so resonates with me and how God has transformed my own life.  He turned my own mess into a message.  God has taken what the enemy meant for evil and turned it for good.  He will do that for each one of you!  If you feel you have a “mess” I encourage you, no matter what kind of mess it is or how big of mess it seems, our God is great enough to turn it around for His glory and your good. The one thing you must do, is to give it to Him and invite Him, and allow Him, to work in you and your situation.

This interview with Wayne C. is very powerful and is a testimony of a changed life.  Wayne was deep in the porn industry when he called out to God.  He is now a new creation in Christ Jesus. 

Click HERE to read Wayne’s story of transformation.  

Be encouraged, no matter what you have done, or what you struggle with, our God is great enough to meet you where you are at… and if you give Him the “mess” of your life, He can and will turn it into a message that will bring forgiveness, healing and restoration to your own life, as well as others.  I can truly attest to that by my own changed life!

Do you need God to meet you where you are and turn your mess into a message?  Has your life’s mess been changed into a message?  I would love to pray for you and hear your story.

2 Responses to “God Turned “Mess” Into A Message”

  1. Gin Dawson Perry

    I once was told by a psychiatrist, “What you need is a personality transplant.”  I was taunted by this very insensitive statement for many, many years.  Now I say, “Thank God HE is in the personality transplant business!”  The Lord uses all that I have been through to help others.  Years ago I wouldn’t have thought that would be possible.  He takes us one step at a time, revealing His will for our lives.  My life is such a huge miracle, as so many other’s are!  Thank God for His grace!

    • Tammy Bunk

       Gin, I have seen first hand God’s grace and beauty in your life.  You are truly a “message” for Him!  I also am very grateful each day for His amazing grace!

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