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God’s Amazing Creativity is Relevant to Our Daily Lives


Jun 12


In a recent post, “God’s Amazing Creativity”, I spoke of God’s vast and unlimited creativity.  He is the Creator, and the source of creativity.  His creative power and ability is seen throughout the heaven and earth in all the beauty that surrounds us.

Once we understand what creativity means, we can determine how it can be applied to our lives. One definition of “create” from the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “to make or bring into existence something new”.  God created the heavens and the earth and all it contains.  Hebrews 11:3 tells us how He created. “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which were visible.”  That means that the earthly things were created by God’s heavenly ability, in ways that we cannot see and understand with our human intellect.  

Yet God did not stop being creative once the world was complete. He is continually involved with His creation. Creating is not simply something God did, but is His nature as The Creator of all that we see.

His on-going creativity is very relevant and practical to the daily issues of our hearts and our lives.  God has an abundance of powerful ideas and solutions for every situation. He loves to demonstrate His creativity in our lives and reveal His plans and solutions for our situations. If we will ask Him, He willingly gives us His wise answers and solutions.”

At one time, I had a limited understanding of God’s creativity. I had not yet realized that being made in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26) means that He placed the potential to create within every person He fashioned.  As I grew in understanding, that truth became personal and relevant to my own life. 

 In Proverbs 3:5-6 God instructs us not to rely on our own limited understanding or our human reasoning and says that if we will instead look to Him in all situations, He will guide us. That is a powerful promise that He will work beyond our human limitations and expand our possibilities with His infinite wisdom.

He told us this because too often we limit ourselves by relying on our experience and our finite insight and reasoning rather than asking Him for His creative ideas and solutions.  (These ideas and solutions come as an overflow of our intimate relationship with Him.) He delights in showing His children His character, His power, His wisdom and His creative ability.  Wisdom and understanding often work together with creativity.  (Wisdom is the ability to have God’s perspective).

When we face circumstances where there seems to be no answer, we can ask God to show us what is beyond our earthly way of thinking.

God’s creativity in us can be demonstrated in any area of our lives. It can be recognized in music, writing, artwork, as well as in creating new businesses, problem solving, organizing, and training people. There is not an area of life were God is unwilling to give His creative ability and wisdom.

How can this affect your daily life?  Start asking God for creative solutions and wisdom at work, when you face a difficult challenge, or when you have a conflict with someone and you need resolution.  Invite Him in to your situation and ask Him to guide you to the very best possible answer for the circumstance.

Not only does He desire to put His creative signature on the glorious beauty that surrounds us, but He also wants His imprint to be on our thoughts and ideas.

All too often we segment our lives into secular and/or Christian realms – where we think God belongs and where He doesn’t.  All areas of your life should welcome His presence, power, ideas and solutions.  He desires to be fully engaged with you in every area of your life.

I encourage you to take a few moments to consider the idea of welcoming the God of creation into every area of your life and how this might bring new perspective and creative solutions.  If there are specific areas in your life right now where you need answers and new perspective – invite Him in to those areas.  Welcome him – ask Him.

If you have experienced God’s magnificent creativity in your life as an outflow of your relationship with Him, I would love to have you share your experience.

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