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God’s Amazing Creativity


May 12


God continually amazes me with His incredible creativity!  He seems to put His creative “signature” on everything!   Look at our physical bodies, which are works of art.   According to the Population Reference Bureau, 107,602,707,791 people have been born onHuman Body this earth since the beginning of time, yet we each have individual thumbprints, distinct expressions to show our emotions, and unique DNA.  It is truly amazing how every person is so different because God personally fashioned each one of us with His divine creativity.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and He was there forming you when you were inside your mother’s womb (Psalm 139).

Think for a moment about the intricacies of the human body.  Consider how it functions and works together to keep us alive each day.  How does our heart beat each second and how do our cells and DNA come together to create each person?  Ponder the fact that our blood effortlessly flows through our veins, and our lungs give us the necessary air we breathe.  Consider how our brain controls our fingers and our toes.  God created our bodies with the ability to grow from infancy to old age.  It is truly amazing!

Expand the thought of God’s creativity further and think about all the “critters” that exist!  Some we like and some – well, not so much!   Each is a unique creation.  Consider the vast varieties of birds, fish and butterflies.  I have a friend who, when she sees God’s colorful creation, says “God really poured out His paint bucket on that one!”  I love that! 

Consider even the things we usually don’t see as “pretty” – the bugs and spiders, the incredible work of God!!  All these things, whether we like them or not, are definitely a result of God’s imagination.  When I go to the zoo (you can tell I am a “city girl”), I am awed by the rare looking creatures that exist and even see God’s sense of humor as I take a look at animals that are just down right funny looking.  Look at the nose of a platypus – what was God thinking?   And He dressed up the penguins for a black tie dinner and He prepared the peacocks for a party!  What a creative God we serve!

Look at the sunrise and the sunset each day as well as the rainbows that God hangs in the sky after a refreshing rain.  No two are exactly alike.  God truly paints the sky in beautiful and magnificent ways.  The trees and flowers, the mountains and the valleys are all God’s creation!  Amazing!  Beautiful!

Give thought to the sounds that we hear and the music we experience.  I truly believe that music is not just heard, but experienced!  Music was created by God with the intention that it should be enjoyed by His creation and to bring glory to Him.  The original intent of music was that every note and beat would glorify God.

 We can experience God’s wonder of creativity through our physical senses.  We open our eyes to His beauty or we smell the scents all around us.  We can taste a delicious meal or feel the touch of a friend’s hand. 

Think of the solar systems and the planets and how He placed the sun, moon and the stars in the heavens.  It is all truly amazing!

I have always wondered how it is possible for anyone to not believe in God when His creative handiwork and His signature is all around us.  We are told since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen by the things that are made.  That means that all of creation reflects His character (Romans 1:20).

There is no doubt in my mind that God is very much alive and well, bursting with creativity!

Our God is truly an awesome God!  His creativity is a demonstration of His unlimited love.  Consider how unique you are – would you also spend time thinking of the gifts and abilities He has given to you?  You are an expression of His love and His creativity and He proclaimed everything that He made as being good (Gen. ch 1)  He thinks YOU are wonderful!

What inspires you to ponder the great creativity and handiwork of our God?


2 Responses to “God’s Amazing Creativity”

  1. Gin Dawson Perry

    Tammy, you “painted” a very visual “rendering” of ALL of God’s creations!  This encourages us to accept that each one of us is unique.  Everything God has created is unique!  None of us fit into a perfect mold.  We are to celebrate our individuality.  “Thank You Lord, for helping me to realize each day that You created me just as I am.  I don’t have to change or be like others, but You consider me beautiful and talented, designed for a very specific destiny.”  In the past, I would find myself wanting to be like others, but in maturing, I have found that I can be used places where others can’t and others are used where I can’t.  He uses our individual personalities to weave a very beautiful, intricate tapestry.  What is the hand without the foot?  What is the eye without ears?  Paul used the human body as an analogy, but, in essence, he was saying that we believers are like different body parts, each incomplete alone, but together, we represent the beauty of His handiwork.  I thank God for each day, as He leads me on the path He has planned just for me.  I agree with the statement regarding how can anyone not believe in God when His creative beauty is everywhere.  I often say that being outside in nature is as if I have attended a very meaningful church service.  I always feel His Presence when tuned into the beauty all around me.  How blessed we are!

    • Tammy Bunk

       Thanks, Gin for your insights!  I love your statement about God using “our individual personalities to weave a very beautiful, intricate tapestry.”  So true!  Blessings to you!!

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