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God’s Creativity – On The Job and In Las Vegas!


Jul 12


The Lord gives us creative and wise solutions for each specific circumstance of our lives.   Each solution is individual and perfectly suited to the present need.  Our God, the creator of heaven and earth, is very relevant!  He will meet us at the point of our needs, our questions and our challenges.

I would like to share with you some fascinating practical examples of God’s creativity at work. 

Military ManI have a friend (I will call him “John”), who was a high ranking officer in the United States military.  John’s job required him to make decisions that would affect many people’s lives.  He is a man of prayer, and a man of integrity. He depended on the wisdom and creativity of God, throughout his career.  He trusted God for answers to dilemmas when there seemed to be no possible solutions to the problems.  He would constantly pray asking for God’s wisdom, each day and each time the phone rang.  This prayer for wisdom became his lifestyle.  Because of his dependence on God, God rewarded him with a successful career and a reputation for being a man of wisdom and insight. 

For several years, John was in charge of placing military personnel in jobs throughout the world.  One day, he received a phone call from a man who requested that he not be transferred from his present location.  It was critical for this man to be with his family and his wife refused to move to a new location. The man was working to keep his marriage together.  John understood this man’s need, yet no position was available in their current location.  As John sought the Lord for a solution, and within 24 hours, an entirely new position was unexpectedly created.  The man who needed the assignment qualified for the job and it was at his present location.  Yes, God does answers prayers and delights in making a way where there seems to be no way.

DoctorAnother example of God’s creativity for a specific solution is another friend, (I’ll call him “Bill”), who is a medical doctor.  There are set formulas for effective medication for the disease he treats.  When Bill had a problematic patient, God would give him understanding in finding the right dose of medication to help that specific patient.  It would not always be what would be considered the next “normal” step in treatment. This plan of action helped above 90% of his patients to have excellent results that changed their lives for the better.

Hotel CheckinI read the testimony of a man who was a sex addict and who needed a relevant solution to help him refrain from pornography.  The problem was especially difficult when he traveled.  His story is recorded in the book “The Purity Principle” by Randy Alcorn.  This gentleman had tried many suggested ways of combating the problem, all without success.  He needed a unique creative solution that would work just for him!  The idea came to him that he needed to take action when he was at his strongest, so that he would not fall into addictive behaviors when he was alone at night in his hotel room.  So when he checked into his hotel room, he asked for the television to immediately be removed from his room.  He said he met some surprised desk clerks as they suggested to him that he simply not turn the television on.  But this man stuck by his convictions and politely, but firmly requested that the television be removed from the room.  This seems like an unusual way to deal with a problem, but it was the solution that he needed and it worked.   This man was serious about his recovery and was willing to do whatever it took to avoid the temptation of pornography!

I, too, have had many personal experiences of asking for and receiving God’s creative solutions for every area of my life. 

Las VegasOne time, God specifically impressed upon me that I was to attend a conference in Las Vegas.  That was one place I had promised myself I would never revisit, due to having visited there when I was living in addiction. It is not a city void of temptation.

When I felt God was telling me to go, my first response was “God, are You serious?!”  This conference was held approximately 6 years after my recovery and when my life was strongly established in purity. Yet, because I want to remain free and living in victory, I continue to be aware of the need to avoid temptations of those things that once had control of my life.

When I realized God was serious about this trip, I asked Him to help me prepare ahead of time and to give me wisdom throughout my stay in Las Vegas.  I asked Him for creative solutions, and He answered!  I had a plan in advance (which is always a positive thing to do when possible).  I purposely stayed at a hotel far from the Las Vegas Strip, one that did not have a casino attached to it.  I wanted to avoid that atmosphere.  I also determined ahead of time that I would not drive through the Strip.  Prior to leaving home, I mapped out the location of the car rental, my hotel, and the roads I would travel.  As the day arrived for my trip, I felt confident and ready to face this new challenge.  The Lord was strong inside of me and a close friend who knew my concerns, had committed to pray for me during the trip, and to be available anytime if I needed to call for encouragement and support.

I arrived in Las Vegas and as I got off the plane and my feet touched the ground of Las Vegas soil, a very clear voice spoke into my mind, “Nobody will ever know what you do here!”  Wow!  That was an alarm sounding if I had ever heard one!  I strongly believe that there is safety in accountability, so I called my friend at home and let her know what the voice in my head said.  I asked her to be in prayer; she had already been praying with me about the trip, but I felt the need to share this information with her.  I knew accountability was very important to my having a successful trip.

As I entered the hotel room, I saw the television, the remote and a big stand-up flyer, evidently advertising movies.  I immediately opened the desk drawer and without looking, placed the ads and the television remote safely in the drawer and closed it.  I made a commitment to myself, to God and to my friend that I would not turn on the television for any reason during my stay there. I knew that was the safest choice for me.  Then I went about my business.  I was busily involved the next few days with the conference I was attending and I was faithful to my commitment to avoid watching television. Upon check-out from the hotel, I heard some people saying that the place where I was staying was owned by Christians and that no pornographic movies were available in the hotel.  I laughed at how I had taken precautions that turned out not to be necessary.  But, it felt terrific to know that I could go to a city with so many temptations and a city that was influential in my past life in addiction, and be victorious!!!

This did something very unique inside of me.  Even after living free from sex addiction for nearly 6 years, it was a special victory to pass the “Las Vegas” test!

I did not obtain victory in my own strength or because I thought I had the temptations under control.  I succeeded because of several things working together:  the creativity of God showed me how to prepare and take action, His strength inside of me, my willingness to be transparent and accountable, and the faithful prayers of a friend.

God is so very good!  He is for us, not against us (Romans 8:31).  He desires to give us creative ideas, wisdom and insights in order to help us in our daily lives.  God is not confined to an hour church service on Sunday, nor is He contained by our own finite thinking.  God desires to be engaged in every part of our lives and every minute of our day. 

He is a personal God who loves you passionately!  If you have not done so already, I encourage you to invite Him into your life, every part of your life, today.

Do you have examples of God’s creativity bringing solutions to your life?  I would love to hear about them!


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