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Oct 10


[tweet_dis]Have you ever heard of the acronym HALT?[/tweet_dis]  Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.  It is a tried and true slogan that has been around for many years, though I do not know who to give proper credit for it.  It is worth paying attention to whether one is an addict or not.

These conditions, being too hungry, angry, lonely or tired, can leave you more vulnerable to temptations and can skew and even control your decisions.  Whether you are an addict or not, these conditions leave you open to be ruled by emotions rather than making decisions or communicating from a place of calm and rational stability.

I am suggesting that you look at your lifestyle, be aware of areas where you are vulnerable.    This inventory will help you stay healthy and in balance.  Do not allow yourself to get overly hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.  When you do start to feel like things are closing in and something is not as it should be, stop and ask yourself the questions before you go further.  Learn to HALT.  Then ask yourself what the problem is:  physical hunger, anger, loneliness or tiredness.

After you identify the source of your problem, then you can more easily find a solution.  If you are hungry, eat something healthy.  If you are lonely, call a friend who will encourage you and give you good advice or even pray for you.  If you are tired, take a quick nap.

If you are angry, that is a little more difficult to deal with.  First, try to find the roots of your anger and then look for a rational solution.

HALT is one tool to help keep things in proper perspective your life.

3 Responses to “HALT”

  1. Cheryl Smith

    Tammy, this is so helpful. I know when my kids are hungry or tired, they are more inclined to “act out,” but I’ve not thought about Angry & Lonely before. Great suggestion to keep those emotions in mind as well.

  2. Admin

    I am glad it was helpful, Cheryl. Have a blessed day!

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