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Being Honest – My Story


Oct 14


Living a lifestyle of being honest is a foundational key to living free. It was important as I moved out of a lifestyle deep in sexual addiction ten years ago and it remains just as important as I continue on the journey of living free today. These keys to living free that I am writing about are very personal to me, so as I share the principle, I will also share personal reflections.  Be sure to read the companion article The Key To Living Free – Being Honest.

On my journey out of addiction, it was critically important for me to be honest with myself about the depth of my problem so I could really get the help I needed in order to find a lifestyle of freedom. Out of this honesty, I was able to invite God to help me. At the beginning of my journey, my prayers went something like this “God help me to somehow get back to you.” It was not a fancy prayer, but a heartfelt cry.

Out of the lifestyle of honesty, I also I found a great Christian counselor who was able to guide me on my journey. (This was a significant step!) I was honest with him even when I failed, and in the times I was unsure I really wanted help. During this time, I also had a dear friend that I was able to be honest with and confide in.

Being honest with myself, God and others had a significant, positive impact on my journey. It was not a smooth journey by any means; there were rocks and trees in the road, many detours, and I fell many times during this season. However, due to the strength God was giving me, the wise teaching of my counselor and the seemingly never-ending encouragement from my friend, I was able to keep persevering.

Eventually, with God’s help and a lot of hard work, I was able to get to a new place in my journey where addiction was no longer a deep daily struggle. This key remains active in my daily life today and with God’s help, always will.

Being honest has benefited me in many ways. Here are just a few ways that being honest continues to help me today:

  • Honesty with myself allows me to continue being honest with God and others.
  • Honesty with myself allows me to walk in humility and realize my dependence on Jesus.
  • Honesty with God allows me to invite Him into the situations of my life.
  • Honesty with God allows me to ask Him to search my heart and show me what is truly there.
  • Honesty with others allows me to have deep, authentic relationships.
  • Honesty with others allows me to have accountability in my life.
  • Honesty with myself, God and others allows me to live in such a way that I am not fearful of being known and I can receive love, not having the thought “if they only knew me…”

A quote from one of my favorite teachers, Beth Moore, says “Be authentic with all, be transparent with most, and be intimate with some.” These are wise words I encourage you to take to heart and put into practice. I fully embrace a lifestyle of being honest, yet there remains the need to know who is and is not a safe person when it comes to sharing the deep things of my heart.

I have found great value in living a lifestyle of being honest. What has been your experience?

The companion article to this blog post is “The Key Living Free – Being Honest” which is a part of the series “Keys to Living Free”.


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