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I Lift My Hands


Aug 12


We all go through times where discouragement may loom about us.  We can respond by giving in to the pressures of this world and that feeling of despair and discouragement or we can actively choose to believe God no matter what the circumstances around us may say.

Believe God that true and lasting answers are found in Him.  Believe God that He is your refuge and your strength.

There is a human response of lifting our hands when we are rejoicing and excited.

There is also a human response to lift our hands when we feel desperate and in need of help.

I encourage you today to listen to this song called “I Lift My Hands” and wherever you are at and whatever situation you are facing, lift your hands and sing out these words of faith declaring that He is “your refuge and your strength”, that He is faithful.

Choose to believe Him.

This song is “I Lift My Hands” written by Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher & Louie Giglio.  Sung by Chris Tomlin.

Click this link to view video.

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