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Intimacy with God – Obstacles and Opportunities


Dec 15


I am so blessed to share with you today an article by Dr. Joel Young on obstacles and opportunities for intimacy with God! There are two reasons that this is so significant to me. One is that this entire year of Mission: Intimacy comes to it’s pivotal moment when we address intimacy available to us with God – Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. It is this intimacy with Him that is the most important and all other intimacy, at its best, will flow from our intimacy with God. The second reason is because it is such an honor  to have Dr. Joel Young write this article for Mission: Intimacy. I have great respect for not only his knowledge and education, but how he lives out “intimacy with God” in such a personal and powerful way.

Dr. Joel Young is a Messianic Jew, President of For His Glory Ministries and is a chiropractor in the DFW area. You can read more about his extraordinary background and the ministry of For His Glory  at this link.

Be blessed and encouraged as you read:

Intimacy with God – Obstacles and Opportunities

by Dr. Joel Young

Obstacles to Intimacy with GOD:

There are three main obstacles, four in their greater delineation.

  1. Self
  2. The world
  3. The flesh, which we can connote with self
  4. the devil, demonic, that which is not of GOD


  1. The self: Bad teaching, by experience, by others, by reading, by education, by culture; these things will contribute in small to large part in framing the self-image, creating obstacles to intimacy with GOD. The wrong image will be formed. Instead of being a child of GOD, a son of GOD, the bride of CHRIST, we begin to look at ourselves in a way of limitation, in a way of separation, in a way that is not congruent with Holy Scriptures, the Will of GOD and the Heart of GOD HIMSELF; that must change to line up with the Will of GOD. When we have these type of obstacles in self, nothing that GOD is Holy, we cannot connect with HIM or relate to HIM. The individual will have a distant relationship with GOD, always, until that is addressed, repented of, removed and replaced with that which is of GOD. When we have obstacles in oneself, no matter what is on the exterior to oneself, good or bad, occurring and impacting our lives, when we have these obstacles in self, man cannot communicate with GOD to that degree. Man cannot relate to GOD to that degree. Man cannot be intimate with GOD to that degree. We often then look to teaching, more information, that can often, if one is not careful, bring greater condemnation for we have not been ministered to in our brokenness and see a greater divide between us and GOD. This will obviously become an obstacle of greater and greater proportion in intimacy with GOD that many will unfortunately “play the game with”, but fail to reach the intimacy with GOD required and desired by GOD in HIS part, emblemized so beautifully in The Song of Songs, The greatest song, in Hebraic terms, in The Bible of GOD and HIS Church, also emblematic of a man and a woman.
  2. The world: Where ever we go, we are the same people, we take our pain and problems and brokenness with us. Everything can be an obstacle if we are one ourselves. The world is a great deceiver. And GOD said, “he who loves the world, hates GOD”. Strong statement; necessary statement; truth statement. The world has trends, culture, moral relativism, situational ethics, etc. Changing more than the wind, ever from reaching the Truth of GOD, it never can, it’s system is not of GOD. The world must be invaded by Heaven and become Heavenly as in the Our Father, Matthew 6:9-13 in context, which says: on Earth as it is, already is in Heaven. The world will always be an obstacle to GOD, therefore, in Galatians 6:14, the solution is, “GOD forbid that I should boast in anything except the cross of CHRIST which is The Solution, through which the world is crucified to me and I to the world. Nothing short of crucifying the world will be of benefit to us if we do not nail it to the cross so it loses its power over us. The world is crucified to me, and I to the world, thus both the world and the flesh, which is the generic, which would incorporate self must be crucified to become dead to become that which disempowers all obstacles that are equally thus removed from any effect and influence upon our lives. Thus we can then walk in the world while not being of the world. We could be existing in it but not of it, thus truly just in it.


  1. the devil, has only the power to deceive and if and when we move into agreement with him, then he can become in control to that degree. His always tries to steal, kill, and destroy. John 10:10A Thus the shortcut, the wrong path, will always lead to the wrong way. the devil-demonic is that which will look for a place of itself, a shadow, a frame within which to inhabit, in one’s mind, in one’s self, that which is within. The goal to remove that obstacle to intimacy from the spirit world is to be as CHRIST is for as HE is, so are we in the world. 1 John 4:17 Then we must incorporate to remove the demonic as an obstacle, the devil himself, as in James 4:7, submit first to GOD, which in Hebrew terms means to adapt, then resist, which means to stand against, the devil and he will flee from you. Therefore the obstacle will become that which is now under your feet, and not an obstacle to intimacy with GOD anymore. Then we must drive and we can accomplish this with The HOLY SPIRIT, to be as JESUS, through JESUS, for JESUS as in John 14:30, the world knew he was coming and he is nothing in me. By the removal of all obstacles in one’s life a task that the believer should set him or herself to accomplish, which can be accomplished with and through GOD, we can then stand in a place of true intimacy with GOD until that encompasses the fullness of what GOD would have for us which is seen in the Ephesians prayers of Ephesians Chapter 1 and 3; 1, Ephesians 1:17-21 and 3, Ephesians 3:14-21. Therefore in conclusion on part A, we are the same people, where ever we go. We take our brokenness and hurt and all the obstacles within where ever we go, and thus everything eternally can and will be an obstacle to us because it cannot get past that which is within; healing must begin and end within, in Hebrew terms, the beginning has the end in it and the end must be in the view from the beginning which is a seamless circle and this is the Hebraic way of seeing The Bible.


Opportunities to intimacy with GOD:


Opportunities are:

  1. Daily
  2. They are in moments
  3. They are continuous

Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and HIS Righteousness and all else will be added onto you. In language the term “first” is both in quantity and quality; quality first is the most important thing to do to seek the King and HIS Kingdom and HIS Righteousness first and then in quantity, it is the number one thing to do and both are present in Matthew 6:33. Opportunities to intimacy with GOD are daily. They exist everyday no matter what the appearance to one may be; Psalm 118:24 This is the day The LORD has made, rejoice and be glad in it. You never had a bad day from GOD, you were commanded to rejoice in it. You have absolutely opportunistic days and when one’s spirit, soul and body are complete, sanctified and have moved toward a place of greater and greater intimacy and expression of GOD, they will then be able to see the opportunities that have always and everyway been ever present before them, around them and within them available for a continuous and unbroken intimacy with GOD which is what it means to walk with GOD. Colossians 2:6 As you have received CHRIST as LORD, so walk in HIM. Next, opportunities exist through others with others as we participate with GOD and bring another closer to GOD. When you help your brother’s boat get across the water, yours gets there as well. Helping and meeting people at their points of greatest need will give you one of the most wonderful opportunities to be close and intimate with GOD since you are touching the very heart of GOD who loves people, for GOD so loved the world that HE gave, and GOD gave HIS only begotten son that whosoever believes in HIM shouldn’t perish, but have everlasting/eternal life. John 3:16 Esteem people as more important than yourself. Philippians 2:3 GOD loves people, GOD loves you. Go pursue that which is GOD’s heart and opportunities for intimacy will abound in your daily life and walk.


Intimacy also exists with GOD and HIS creation. Who can say they haven’t touched things in the Heart of GOD as you walk through the valleys, sail on the oceans and waterways, go into the mountains, the lakes, the sky above or the Earth beneath. Nature is one of the most wonderful times to spend and be intimate with nature’s creator, GOD.


Next, intimacy through The Word; noting that The Word of GOD is a Doorway, a gateway through every experience to touch the lives, the people, the relationship that GOD has established with them, through them. They were written for us. The Word of GOD is Living. It has relevance. It is available always and we can walk in these Truths when we choose to be intimate with GOD as they were and then take it to the next step in our lives. Apply it! Scriptures are to be read, done, lived, for HIS Glory.


Next, intimacy in the night seasons. Once can, like Zechariah, who had eight (8) Biblical dreams, meaning they made it into The Bible through GOD, visions that GOD gave him directly. The time should be used not just to sleep, but to connect, communicate and walk with GOD. Use every moment of the day. The body sleeps but the spirit is awake and functional, so wake up to the Truth and the Truth you know; experientially, will set you free.


Therefore, intimacy is available on all levels in GOD, with GOD as you are building into a marvelous place for GOD, through GOD Himself. Ephesians 2:20-22


Prayers are a marvelous place to become intimate with GOD. One’s heart should be about what GOD’s business is first before and even if necessary you bring your needs to GOD as well. Be intimate with GOD, pursue HIM, seek HIM, look for HIM, love HIM, chase HIM, live for HIM, with HIM, unto HIM; you’ll never be lacking an opportunity then for intimacy with GOD. To then realize there are opportunities to draw near to GOD everywhere you go, expressing GOD everywhere you go; nothing is an obstacle, but an opportunity to free people. People who are free when for whom THE SON sets free, is free indeed, and where The Spirit of The LORD is, there is freedom. Therefore, free people free people for free people are free to be free in any and all areas, any and all circumstances. Intimacy with GOD is then the most natural thing that you will not have to look for, but will be a natural consequence of the life totally sold out to GOD, free within, free without, free to be free with The LORD Who is freedom in all senses.


Therefore, realize in conclusion that obstacles and opportunities are not really external, but internal choices that one makes; choose The Life, choose The Blessing, choose today and Live accordingly. Deuteronomy 30:19 You’ll not only not be disappointed but you’ll be enriched beyond your wildest dreams for HE’s able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that you ask or think according to the power that works within you. Therefore, choose wisely, choose now, choose HIM.


Stay with us for one more very important article that will conclude this significant year of Mission: Intimacy. You won’t want to miss the final article!



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