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Intimacy With Our Community, A Recap!


Mar 15


Do you want keys to grow in intimacy? Check this out! A wealth of information in only 10 minutes!

Dan Martin joins us today to give us a recap of our discussion on intimacy within our community. He gives us the highlights and some personal thoughts that will help us on this journey to discover God’s plan for relationships. I am excited to share with you this informative podcast!

In the comments, we would love you to share what have you learned about intimacy within your community these past two months as we have been uncovering God’s plan. Have you gained some insights and committed to some action items?

Join us next week as we begin our conversation about Intimacy in Friendship – the obstacles and the opportunities to grow. This will be a wonderful segment, don’t miss it!

If you are just now joining us for 2015 the year of Mission: Intimacy, check out the previous posts as well as our toolbox that is full of resources for this journey.

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