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Apr 11


Today I am participating in my friend Cheryl’s “Simplicity Saturday” blogging project.  Blogging with “simplicity” in mind presents a challenge to me, but it’s a challenge I have come to enjoy.

As I think back over the past week, it has been an incredible one in many ways.  There are a number of complex things going on in my life right now, yet as I sit here at my computer, one simple statement I heard this week stands out in my mind—one that I heard on Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs’ website .  (I encourage you to visit their site as they have an incredible story to tell of their marriage!)

The statement I heard was: “listen with all your face”.


Really listen….

Listen while giving the person who is talking your complete and undivided attention—not reading the newspaper, looking at the computer or doing the dishes while you are having a conversation, but looking at someone in their eyes as you converse with them….listening with all your face.

This is a major part of communication—connecting with each other and building relationship.  This is powerful!  I am just beginning to realize the incredible power found in strong relationships.  God created us for relationship with Him as well as for relationships with each other.  In order to have deep and meaningful relationships, there must be true communication.  That type of communication does not always come easily.

It takes work….

It takes commitment….

It takes listening with all of our face.

Linking up with Cheryl for her Saturday Simplify series:

12 Responses to “Listening…”

  1. Amy Sullivan

    Bounced over from Cheryl’s.

    I’m a terrible listener. It is something that I need to put effort into daily, or I just get too busy, and miss so much. . .so many conversations. So many important facts.

    Listen with all your face. Good advice.

    • Tammy

      Thank you Amy for stopping by again! Life does get busy… I think it takes effort for all of us. And reminders. Blessings to you!

  2. Stephie

    I saw your link on Cheryl’s also.

    I sometimes have a way of sticking my head in the sand, when all it would take is a little bit of communication. I once heard that when someone close to us speaks to us it’s a cry to be shown love or to show love. The superlative love, agape.

    Thanks for your post, these are very good reminders.

    • Tammy

      Stephie, good to have you visit! Communication does take effort sometimes, doesn’t it? It is so great though when we can see the reward of rich relationships.

  3. Cheryl Smith

    This is such a challenge in this chaotic, hyper busy world. I’m so glad you’re reminding us!

    When the kids were small, I would sometimes cup their faces in my hands to get their full attention. I suspect now there are times when they’d like to do that to me… OK – for the next 24 hours, I’m going to give it a whirl. Whew!!! I’m stressing already. The pressure is on!

    • Tammy

      Hi Cheryl! It is interesting what you said about what you did with your children – taking your face in their hands – that is exactly how the quote was used on Jeff and Cheryls Scruggs’ website. Jeff was saying that Cheryl used to take his face in her hands and bring it toward her, and ask him to “listen with all your face”. It is a challenge! We have busy schedules and so much to accomplish. We get used to multi-tasking at so many activities… yet communicating, listening, is one that really can’t be multi-tasked. We all need this reminder from time to time because it does go so contrary to our busy society.
      Relax, Cheryl, and enjoy your day!!

  4. Richard Z Zimbalist

    I like what you are doing.

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