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Living Free – Relationship With God Part 2


Nov 14


A close, personal relationship with God is the main key of Living Free.  In the last blog post we discovered that we all have this need for intimacy with God, the question is, how are we going to fill it? How do we not only enter in to a very personal relationship with God, but come to know Him and develop our relationship with Him?

Many people stop at the entry level of relationship with God and stop short of the wonderful depth of relationship that is available to us. How do we develop this relationship with Him? The same way that we develop relationship each other:

  • Frequent and honest communication (speaking and listening)
  • Being a part of someone’s daily activities (doing life with God)

Frequent and Honest Communication

He already knows what is in your heart and mind (Psalm 139), yet it develops intimacy with Him when we share our thoughts, hearts and lives with Him. Don’t hesitate to share what is on your mind with Him. Nothing you have done, have thought or are possibly considering will turn God away from you. He loves you and wants to hear what is on your heart. He will draw near you as you invite Him into your life. He will not run from you. That is His promise (James 4:8).

We also need to hear Him. There are many ways to hear His voice, the primary one being through His Word, the Bible. Take the time to read it, think about it, hide it in your heart and be obedient to His Word. Through His Word you will learn of His character, His love for you, and ways to be fruitful in how you live your life; it is a life-giving Book about relationship.

Doing Life With God

Another part of getting to know God is what I will call “doing life with Him”. God is not just for Sunday mornings or times when we attend church, or even just your devotional time each day. God wants to connect with us in every part of our life; each moment of our day.

Begin your day by giving it to Him for His purposes and plan. Commit to invite Him into your daily activities. He wants to be a part of your work/school day, your friendships, your social activities, your problem solving, your family life. He desires to enrich every part of your life through relationship with Him. Don’t leave Him out of any area of your life. You might be surprised how creative He is and how He will show up to provide answers you are seeking.

Not only commit to inviting Him in to every part of your day, but ask Him what is on His heart for your day. You might be surprised what is on His agenda! He may lead you to a person who needs your smile, an encouraging word or a helping hand. We tend to “super-spiritualize” our life in God when in reality He is very practical in how He does life with us.

I encourage you to open up your mind and heart and think “out of the box” as you discover the possibilities that develop out of your daily, moment by moment, relationship with God.

As we spend time with God in communication with Him and in doing moment by moment life with Him, we learn about who He is, His character, His love for us.

Again, the foundational key to Living Free is the loving, life-giving relationship with God. Every other key, including the previous keys of honesty and our willingness, comes out of our relationship with Him. Our relationship with Him opens the door to all other keys and principles that are found in His Word. Without this relationship with Him, the life-giving principles become rules and regulations that stifle and inhibit. With Him, the principles come alive! They provide a guide on how flourish and grow in this life.

As we spend time communicating with God (sharing our heart and listening) and as we live our daily life with Him, we learn more and more about who He is, His character and His love for us. It is an exciting journey!

Let me know how this key of relationship with God affects your life. How has it changed you?

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