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Apr 14


A valuable thing to do in living a lifestyle of freedom is to, when possible, prepare for temptation ahead of time. Plan ahead. [tweet_dis]Prepare in times of strength for times of weakness.[/tweet_dis]

Look ahead at your week; do you know events or situations that are on your calendar that may be a source of temptation? Plan ahead. How can you be successful?

Sometimes planning ahead can be as simple as telling someone who is a part of your accountability team what is going on and asking for specific prayer, as well as making sure they check back with you later about the event and how you did. Other times, it may be more involved as to “if and how” you might participate in an activity. Does the event allow for you to bring a “safe” person with you to add that extra accountability? Does it require that you plan ahead to take extra precautions? For instance if you are traveling out of town alone, can you plan your activities in such a way that minimizes your exposure to things that may be a temptation?

Different activities may allow room for different temptations and require unique steps of preparation. Consider your actions ahead of time when possible!

A good habit to develop is to take time at the beginning of each week and also at the beginning of each day to look ahead and consider how you can prepare. Ask yourself, and ask God, “How can I prepare ahead of time for the challenges that are before me?”

Remember that even with your preparation, it is not in your own strength that you will succeed against temptation. It is only in God’s strength that we can truly be victorious. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

Consider your week ahead and begin to plan now.


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