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Jan 15


Welcome to Mission: Intimacy where we will learn and grow in God’s design for relationships!

We are excited to introduce to you this life changing, year-long event that will take place throughout 2015. Have you ever felt disconnected in a world in which we are so “connected”? Have you ever wondered what is [tweet_dis]God’s design for close, safe, intimate relationships?[/tweet_dis] Have you wanted to develop deeper relationships, yet didn’t really understand how? We will take a look at these questions and many more! We will uncover what God’s design is for relationship with Him, our spouse, family, friends, and community.

Throughout 2015 we will have experts that will expose the obstacles to intimacy and show us how to grow in opportunities for intimacy. We will have additional resources to help you grow on this journey in our Mission: Intimacy Toolbox.

Take 80 seconds to watch this video and get an introduction as we kick-off this year of Mission: Intimacy. Remember to pass this information on to others – let’s grow together!

For more information about this event, click here!


[tweet_dis]We were created for intimacy! Will you chose to accept this mission?[/tweet_dis]



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