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Mission: Intimacy – Let’s Get Started!


Jan 15


Welcome to Mission: Intimacy! Let’s Get Started.

I am so excited about what lies ahead for all of us in the coming year. Mission: Intimacy will literally change your life, my life, each person’s life that will take this journey in the months ahead.

Is this for you? [tweet_dis]If you desire deeper, more authentic relationships God’s way, Mission: Intimacy is for you![/tweet_dis] Men, women, married, single, young and old – join us!

Just think, this event will be like a movie theater, classroom, seminar, library and so much more and all from your own location, in your own timing each week. What a great opportunity to learn and grow in God’s design for relationships!

Want more details? Check out this five minute introductory video by Dan Martin and myself that will introduce you to this event.


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