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Mission: Intimacy – An Important Update

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Aug 15


Tammy BunkMission: Intimacy is now just past the mid-year point and it is time for an update!

We have had some great contributors who have participated in some very informative blog posts on cultivating authentic intimacy. God has a design for relationships, and it has been, and will continue to be a great joy to uncover more truths. We have discussed intimacy in with our community, with our friends and now are about to enter into some topics even closer to home, with our family, spouse (and dating!) and God.

Due to unexpected changes in my own life these past few months (a new full-time job, breaking my thumb, etc.) Mission: Intimacy will continue, but it will have some changes. These changes will bring just as much truth and discover as the way we began back in January, but it will look a little different than it has in the past.

There have been some delays, you will notice that we have not kept on schedule with the original plan for what topics will be in designating months. We also have not held strictly to our original format of one month of “obstacles” and then one month of “”opportunities to grow” in intimacy. If you are following along in the Mission: Intimacy guide, you will have noticed some differences. However, even with the coming changes, the most valuable thing to use the Guide for is to follow along and write your biggest take-away from the articles each week. This will help you to recall things in the future and make a plan on how you can implement these truths into your daily life.

What is ahead for Mission: Intimacy? We will continue to move forward on the topics of intimacy and we will continue to have contributors. However, from time to time the contributors will look different. We will continue to have some experts contribute on our blog, but we will also link to other articles, videos and materials that will bring important truths on these topics. We will also deviate from our previous format of starting with “obstacles” and ending with “opportunities” for intimacy.

We hope you will continue on this journey with us as we discover God’s truth about relationships. What authentic intimacy truly is and how you can grow in these rich relationships. God never intended us to walk this journey of life alone, but closely with one another.

I am very excited about what we have ahead! Next week we move forward addressing intimacy within our family relationships. Stay with us on this journey and discover some insights that, if implemented, can change your life!

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