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Music Monday! Break Every Chain

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Feb 14


Welcome back to Music Monday!  Let’s worship God today as we acknowledge that [tweet_dis]in Him every chain can be broken.[/tweet_dis]

Whatever bondage (chain) that you need broken off of your life, it can be done with Jesus. However, many look only for the instant miracle, when [tweet_dis]most often God works using a process[/tweet_dis] in the journey of life.

I love the testimony of a well known worship leader and song writer.  His life is an example of major transformation and redemption, as my life is.  He has said that often times people ask him if his transformation was instant or a process.  His answer to them is “yes!”.  I love that answer because it is true for my life as well.  It is also true for most people that see chains broken off of their life and they find freedom.  There are moments of the instant changes in in us that only God can do.  Then there is the transformation that happens through the day to day process of life as we make the right choices.  It is not in our own strength that make the right choices – it is only through God’s strength! (1 Corinthians 12:9-10)

Do you need chains broken off of your life today?  [tweet_dis]Do you desire freedom?[/tweet_dis]  As you worship God in this song, ask Him to begin to transform your life.

Let’s worship God together today as we honor Him and rejoice that He is the “chain breaker”!

This song is sung by Digital Age and the video is excellent and very creative.

Click on this link to watch, listen and sing along as you worship.


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