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Our Community, Dan King Part 2

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Mar 15


Mission Intimacy Diagram CommunityToday we are honored to once again have Dan King join us to discuss intimacy within our community. We are covering the obstacles that hold us back from authentic intimacy as well as exploring opportunities to grow in intimacy. Dan gives some great, practical insights that will uncover another piece of God’s design for relationships. If you missed the first segment of this interview, be sure to watch it as well.

Dan shares why it is so important to create a grace filled environment rather than one that is filled with shame. He says “The biggest trap is when we hide things. God loves us no matter what, we need to love each other that way.” Those are powerful words!

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Dan has some great resources available and a wonderful blog at that I highly recommend. Be sure and check these items out!


If you are new to Mission: Intimacy and you want to accept this mission with us to learn and grow in intimacy:

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