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Our God Is Mighty To Save


Jan 12


I love this song that I want to share with you today.  It reminds me of how we all are in need of a Savior. We all need forgiveness, every one of us – no one is exempt.  We have a Savior in Jesus Christ.  He takes us as we are; with all of our fear, shame, lies and addiction; with all of our failures.  He loves us, forgives us, and comes in to our lives to have a relationship with us.  Through that relationship, we are changed.  We don’t have to change ourselves in order to get “cleaned up” so we can come to Him… no, He wants us to come just as we are.

The God of the universe is totally in love with you!  Nothing you have done could ever change that fact.  We cannot earn His love.  It just IS.  He loves us.  Yes, He loves you.  I encourage you to talk to Him today.  Invite Him into your life, every part of your life.  Even behind the closed doors of your heart where you seldom let anyone in… ask Him in. Surrender to His love today.  You don’t have to have fancy or formal words… just wherever you are at, I encourage you to ask Him to come into your heart and life today.  You will never regret it.

Listen to the words of this song, and I encourage you to open your heart to Jesus.

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Can I pray for you?

Lord Jesus, I ask for you to touch the lives of all those who read this.  Those who feel lost, I pray that you would find them.  Those that are hurting, I pray that you would heal them.  Those that feel empty, please fill them.  Most of all, I pray that you would show them your love in powerful ways.  Amen.

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  1. cherylsmith

    I love the great truths of this song, as well as the melody. What a lovely prayer! So glad to see how God continues to use you in the lives of many.

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