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An Interview with Carol McColl, M.A., LPC

I am very excited to bring you this interview with Carol McColl that is a helpful guide to the spouse of an addict.

Carol is a Licensed Professional Counselor, she holds an M.A. in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and a B.A. in Christian Education from Wheaton College (IL). She is a member of American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). She has over twenty-five years of experience in ministry to women and teenagers.  Carol currently works at Haven Counseling in Dallas, TX.

Carol’s own personal history of being in relationship to someone with a sex addiction, and her own recovery process, compelled her to pursue her MA in Counseling.  Informed by her personal story and her clinical expertise, Carol is able to effectively walk alongside other women dealing with this issue in their lives.

This interview is divided into five parts where Carol shares some very valuable and practical information. Below the five audio selections are Carol’s book recommendations.

Interview – Part 1


Interview – Part 2


Interview – Part 3


Interview – Part 4


Interview – Part 5


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