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Parenting – A Major Part of Family Life

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Aug 15


Mission: Intimacy continues this week with the topic of family. Family includes many different roles and dynamics and the one I want to focus on today is the aspect of parenting. Parenting is a major part of family life! Whether you are a new parent with a very young child or the parent of a teen who is about to leave the “nest” – I want to provide you with some helpful resources.

First, I point you to a fascinating blog post by Dan Martin that is on the pureHOPE website. It is called “A Parenting Lesson From Jesus” I hope you will take a couple of minutes to read this and see how Jesus is our example, even in parenting!

Secondly, I want to share with you a few additional resources that will be helpful on your parenting journey.

These are some great parenting resources that can  help you build intimacy within your family. Check them out!

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