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The Passing of Robin Williams


Aug 14


I am saddened by the passing of Robin Williams for so many reasons. He was an incredible actor, made the world laugh and he will be missed. But my sadness goes far beyond missing his gift of laughter. My sadness is far more about his struggle with depression, bi-polar and addiction and how his life ended. He is not alone in his struggle. Many struggle with these things that nobody can fight alone. Many who struggle with depression and addiction feel very alone and experience so much shame – even when surrounded by crowds of people or sitting in a church pew. If you or someone you know struggles with depression, bi-polar disorder or addiction, please reach out for help. There is help available. It takes God, community with others, and someone with expertise that can make a difference in your life. Your problem isn’t too small to get help and it is not so big you are beyond help. Please reach out today. We provide help and resources at our Freedom Connection resource page. If you don’t know which resource is best for you, please contact me for confidential assistance.

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