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Rusty Old Paint Cans


Sep 13


Rusty old paint cansToday’s blog post has been written by a guest blogger.  Thank you J.S. for sharing this very meaningful blog with the readers of Freedom Connection.  I can relate to the experience of the Rusty Old Paint Cans and I am sure most of our readers will as well.

Rusty Old Paint Cans

Last week, my husband, was rummaging around the utility room where he stumbled across 18 gallons of old paint.  He called me to come and see his discovery. Not prepared for what I saw, I stood there staring at rusted, dented, useless paint cans–row after row of ugly cans wondering what in the world possessed us to keep them.  Some of these cans were now rancid, others were dried up: unable to be poured from one can to another, still others were rusted and deteriorating: almost unrecognizable.  They were all difficult to open and the purpose of the different colors was completely forgotten.  Now we had a problem because you cannot just put paint cans in the garbage–they must be taken to a designated place for disposal.  After going online, finding the closest place to take our paint cans, loading and disposing, we were finally free of the hidden clutter.

As my thoughts turned to my own life, I wondered [tweet_dis]how many rusted, useless paint cans were stored in my body and soul[/tweet_dis].  Cans of unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, fear, anger, disappointment, bitterness, hatred, indignation, contention, unmet needs, broken dreams and emptiness.  A desire to be free from the hidden clutter led me back to the cross, the love of the Father who is our divine way maker, the One who illuminates those dark places, and gives me great grace to forgive, release and let go of all the clutter.

Where there was once a sour rotten smell, now is the fragrance of joy.  Where cans were dried up and useless, now flows fresh water, fresh purpose, and fresh anointing.  Where cans were rusted with no value, now value, purpose, destiny and my future are restored.  Where the cans were difficult to open, now the blood of Jesus and His grace opens the cans where [tweet_dis]His light shines  into the dark places making a way of escape[/tweet_dis]. Where the purpose of colors had been completely forgotten, now comes restoration of purpose, the illumination for my life, my destiny and my future.

Choose to deal with the clutter because you are blessed when you are in God’s will–His will is to heal, provide, protect and daily give you the generous gift of His grace.  Because He is the way maker, learn to live clutter free!


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