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Shining the Light



Nov 10


Find the light switch!  Quick!  Let’s get some lights on in here!!  Grab a flashlight or spotlight, whatever you have and get the place lit up!!

Addiction loves darkness; sin loves darkness. They take root and grow in an atmosphere of darkness. Darkness refers to those areas of your life that you keep hidden.   You must dispel the darkness in your life, by shining the light.  Shining the light is bringing truth and honesty to a situation, confessing the secret to someone who can help.

You can do this!  It is a simple, but a critical step toward freedom.  I use the word “simple” rather loosely.  Simple to understand, not always easy to carry out.  It takes courage to take this step toward freedom,   a great deal of courage.  But you can do this.

“Shining the light” means to take what has been hidden in the dark, what has been a secret, and to expose it to the light by telling someone.    It is time you admit to someone that you need help.   Defeating addiction is a battle, and it is not for the faint of heart.  It is important to have someone standing with you to fight addiction.   You need to expose the hidden addiction to the light of someone who can help you.  [tweet_dis]You do not need to be fighting addiction alone.[/tweet_dis]   How can I make that more clear?  You CANNOT fight addiction alone.

Ask Father God who you should talk to.  It is important to talk to the right person, not just anyone.  He will help you to choose wisely and use discretion. Some of you may know of  a pastor or a pastor’s wife you can go to, some of you may know of a counselor or have a trusted friend.  If these are not safe options for you, email me at  I have been there, I understand.  I will try to help you get connected with someone in your area.

Some people are not prepared to hear about this kind of struggle in someone’s life and simply do not know how to help people in crisis.  You may have to talk to several people until you find that person who will stand with you during this time.  Don’t be discouraged if the first person you talk to will not stand with you.  That can happen.  Don’t give up.  You have to want freedom more than anything.  Taking this step of shining the light in the darkness cannot be something you do casually. You must be determined, determined enough to continue seeking the right person who can help you and stand with you.

The first result of shining the light in the darkness will be to find someone who will stand with you in the battle against your addiction.  Whether or not this is the person who will continue to stand with you in future steps of freedom, you have at least made this important step of letting someone into your life and exposing the secret.   Having an accountability person in your life is critical.  You must not be alone in recovery.  I will address accountability in an upcoming blog.

The second result of shining the light in the darkness in your life is that your shame will start to decrease.    When you find people who will love you and hate your sin, your life will begin to change.  As I began to slowly and carefully share my confession with people God told me to share with, the shame began to slowly lift.  Just knowing that someone could know the truth about me, know my horrible sin, and they still loved me and did not condemn me, was totally amazing to me.  This understanding that someone could know the truth about me and still love me started to free me from my belief that I was such an unlovable person.  It was not a sudden change.  It took time for the shame to lift.  This was only the beginning, but this WAS a true beginning for me.

I had been filled with shame from the guilt of my actions.  I was also filled with shame from the fact that this thing labeled “sex and porn addiction” was considered to be a man’s addiction, and I was a WOMAN steeped in this addiction.  I was overwhelmed with shame.  I often was tormented with thoughts of suicide, trying to convince me that death was the only way out.   The hand of God kept me safe during those times as He moved in practical ways through a friend and counselor.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to [tweet_dis]“shine the light” into this dark area of your heart and life.[/tweet_dis]  However, I remind you that it is not a person who brings healing and freedom, it is God our Father.  People help us on our journey, and it is an important part of our healing journey that we must not neglect, but God is the source of freedom and it is in Him that we put our full trust and confidence.  So as you shine the light and share your secret with someone, remember that Father God is the one who brings you freedom.

Let me leave you with this truth from the Bible. “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16, New International Version)

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