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Simplify – A Life of Purity


Feb 11


simplify badge mediumMy friend Cheryl is on a journey to simplify and has asked friends to join her in a common blogging journey on Saturdays.  My first thought was how I loved this idea!  How I tend to so easily make things complicated when they should be so simple.  Yes, “simplify”… a good word.  Then I thought about my blog topic of “freedom from sex and porn addiction”.  How will this, or could this, fit together?

In asking the Lord about this, I heard “simplify the message”.  My blogs on simplifying might be unusual.  My simplifying blogs on periodic Saturdays will be to be very straightforward with a word that is for everyone, not just someone struggling with sex and porn addictions.

I have been greatly inspired by a book I have been reading.  It simplifies the topic of purity, one we often make complicated.  In my own journey to freedom from addiction and in helping others, I have read a great deal of material on purity, addiction and recovery.  Never have I read a book that has been so clear and simple (other than the Bible) as this little blue book that I am now reading called “The Purity Principle” by Randy Alcorn.[1]

This is Randy Alcorn’s purity principle: “Purity is always smart; impurity is always stupid.  Not sometimes.  Not usually.  Always.  You’re not an exception.  I’m not an exception.  There are no exceptions.”

I usually don’ t use the word “stupid” but I have no problem quoting him in this context.  It is truth that Randy writes.

Randy Alcorn goes on to say “When God calls you to pursue purity, you are not being asked to do what will deprive you of joy.  In fact, you are being called on to do what will bring you the greatest joy!

I add to Randy’s statement above that we are ALL called to purity at ALL times.

Let us pursue purity. We do that by daily, and in each moment, making choices that reflect purity in our lives.

Let’s not make it complicated.

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[1] Alcorn, R. C. (2003). The purity principle. Sisters, Or.: Multnomah Publishers.

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  1. Cheryl Smith

    I’m so pleased that you’re joining in the journey and I like your take. Simplify the message. I love the quote, “purity is always smart,” and how purity is designed to bring us the greatest joy. Well done, Tammy!

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