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The King’s Speech


Jan 11


I was very impressed with a movie I saw recently. A true story about King George VI of England called “The King’s Speech”.  It touched me in such a way that I have been recommending it to many.

This inspiring movie is about hope, perseverance, facing your fears, and friendship. The two main characters King George a/k/a Bertie (Colin Firth) and his speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), develop a lifelong friendship which is one to be admired, full of trust and integrity.  They stand beside each other when those around them are full of doubt.

Bertie suffered from a speech impediment and was to be crowned king.  With the help of his speech therapist, Bertie faces his weakness.  He perseveres when things get tough.

This is an inspiring true story.  I highly recommend it with one caution.  It is rated ‘R’ for language.  Very little graphic language is used.  I am disappointed they put the language in this movie; had they left out just a few words, this could have been a PG movie and been open to a much larger audience.

As we all deal with challenges in life of one form or another at different seasons in our life, it is encouraging and energizing to see a movie, a true story, which tells of such courage and victory.

I hope you get to enjoy this movie!

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  1. Michelle

    I saw this on opening night with Chris and his mother who was in from Colorado for the holidays. We all loved the movie!! I highly recommend it also. 🙂
    Great plug!

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