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The More Difficult Road?


Dec 11


At The Crossroads

Are you willing to travel the seemingly more difficult road?  Often, the most rewarding road in life is not the one with the least resistance, but the one that leads to long term fulfillment.  This is in spite of its many challenges because of an enemy that will oppose us.  The point of decision regarding which road to take may be a choice to accept Jesus’ love and forgiveness – or it may be a decision that affects our destiny and calling here on earth, or possibly, a decision that would have a much smaller impact on our life. Whatever it is, we find ourselves at a crossroads and a decision must be made.

Crossroads are points of decision where we must choose a particular road, and it is wise to look at such choices honestly and realistically.  I heard this quote today while in a movie: “I am not going to miss out on something great just because it might also be hard.”  These words spoke to me, as right now I am facing a choice.  One road before me leads to a promise, but I know it will have opposition; the other road is much less rewarding, in fact, it could possibly lead to a missed destiny, and thus leave me with certain emptiness. However, it seems a “good choice” as it appears to be the road of least resistance.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:14, that the road to following God’s plan is narrow and that few people will take that road.  In studying the original meaning for the word “narrow,” I found that it means: a place of “difficulties that come from without”.  In other words, when we choose God’s road, it does not mean that there will be no hardships or trials (opposition) as a result of our choices.

Keep in mind that when we make “God Choices” in our life – those choices made in obedience to Him leading to His fulfilled plan for our life – God promises to be with us and to strengthen us!  He promises that He will never leave us!  He promises to give us wisdom if we ask Him and do not doubt Him.  We will not travel this road alone!  So what may appear at first glance to be the more difficult choice, because we see or sense the opposition on that road, we must also realize that it is the path on which we will experience God in new ways and find a life of deep satisfaction as we have never experienced before.

As the year 2012 is now here, many of us stand at crossroads.  I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to seek God for His direction, and then be willing to be obedient and take God’s road, even when it may appear to be the more difficult road.  Don’t miss out on something great just because it might be hard!

Have any of you taken the seemingly more difficult road but found it was the most rewarding?

4 Responses to “The More Difficult Road?”

  1. cherylsmith

    Praying for you as you make the narrow choice, knowing that God is doing huge things in your life, and He is/will be ever present in the journey.

    • Tammy Bunk

      Thank you, Cheryl!  Decision made 🙂 No other choice but God’s road!  I always appreciate prayers.  Happy New Year, Cheryl, to you and your family!

  2. Suzt

    Dear Tammy,  Great reminder.  And when I think of the choices I make, I look at the consequences.  I “count the cost.”  Often the cost of obedience seems huge…until I look at the cost of disobedience…the consequences for NOT doing things God’s way.  Then, I realize there really is no choice for me.  I want God’s blessings on my life.  If I choose the broad way…it rarely leads to His favor and blessings. If I follow the world, or the most comfortable path, as you said, I will truly miss my destiny. That has eternal ramifications. I guess it comes down to how we define “difficult.”  God’s path often requires that I put my faith totally in Him…but when I do, I know that He knows what is ahead. That is not so difficult…I follow Him and He leads me to blessings. Or, I go my own way, and who knows what is ahead, so I walk in fear, disappointment, failure, rejection. I, too, sense that I am at a crossroads.  In fact, each day brings choices of direction.  I pray I will take His path, no matter what that requires.  He will give us what we need in order to follow Him.  Blessings to you. 

    • Tammy Bunk

      Thank your for your comments! I totally agree with you that bottom line is that there really is no choice if we desire God’s best for our life. And His way always leads to blessing! We serve an incredible God who always knows what is best for us. I am so thankful for that!

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