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The Tech Basket


Apr 12


The idea of a “Tech Basket” is one I have often shared with others.  It is an inspired idea of how to implement some boundaries with our current technology.  Technology is great!  But, as with most all things, to really work for us, it needs to have some boundaries with it.  The “Tech Basket” promotes family time, healthy boundaries and accountability.

The “Tech Basket” is a simple idea that is easy to implement and to adapt to your family structure.

The following blog is being re-posted here with the permission of pureHOPE.  pureHOPE is a ministry that I fully support and am so pleased to be closely connected with on many different levels.  I encourage you to check out their website and blog at

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Why You Need A Tech Basket

Technology provides our families more opportunities than ever before; it can also open the door to major problems.  pureHOPE Dallas Advisory Board member Rhett Smith explains how a tech basket can help your family create boundaries and navigate the challenges.

Why You Need A Tech Basket   (click on this link to view the 60 second video)

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