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Traditions – Key to Deepening Relationships Pt 1


Oct 15


Mission: Intimacy continues this week with the topic of family. I am excited to bring you this interview with my friends, Henry, Lynn and  Kristin Cole as we talk about the value of traditions in building deeper relationships. The Cole’s share insights about the value of traditions in their home and how it has brings them closer together. You will laugh with them and enjoy the fun things they share in the first part of this fun interview.



2 Responses to “Traditions – Key to Deepening Relationships Pt 1”

  1. Marina Lanfranconi

    Great video and interview! I was an exchange student from Italy and spent one year with the Coke family 25 years ago and Their fun and wobderful traditions made me feel home! I remember little christmas and the plunger: my favorites!

    • Tammy

      Thank you, Marina, for sharing your experience with the Coles! I am so glad you enjoyed the video!

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