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What Is Sex Addiction?

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Apr 14


Recently, I have heard the question asked, [tweet_dis]”what is sex addiction?”[/tweet_dis]  This question brings up a point about what behaviors can be descriptive of a sex addict.  I think Marnie Ferree explains it very well as she describes sex addiction as an “umbrella term” in her book “No Stones, Women Redeemed From Sexual Addiction”.  Just as alcoholism has many different drinks of choice, sex addiction has many different ways of involvement as well.  See the below illustration as it depicts the many different behaviors of a sex addict.  Some addicts may participate in one or several of the mentioned activities and some may even have a unique way of acting out their addiction that is not listed here.

Umbrellas with sex addiction behaviors listedSex addiction is not simply the behavior but the behavior combined with the several of the elements such as:

  • Compulsivity
  • Obsession
  • Continues despite negative consequences
  • Tolerance Level is always increasing

See a more details about what is considered sex addiction by clicking here.

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